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The “Studio di Architettura Katy Cella” mainly works on the projects of villas, apartments, lofts, bars/restaurants, interior of yachts, restaurirestoring churchs and presbytery.

Architecture is a link between history and geography

The process of project comprehends the architectural study of the structure, the interior and the exterior. In this way it should reflect a homogenous project between the different factors: harmony between the building ed the natural context, functionality of the internal spaces and the shape of the garden where the building is inserted.

Therefore the beauty will be the the harmony of shape, functionality, the people, respect for nature and the history of the place. The interiors will be studied also in function of the outdoor and the garden. Therefore a general interfacing between outdoor-indoor and indoor-outdoor. The structure of the building, its interior design, the garden that surrounds it, are studied simultaneously from the beginning and followed until the end of the building site to offer a service “key in hand”.

From the beginning of every project the architect has the awareness of the problems from the environment, technics, functionality, use, to which he should give intelligent answers. Every project will have a variety of functions, different environmental conditions, which will influence the design of the buildings and the gardens . These different factors will always contribute to make every project different from another accordino to the specific natural conditions and also accordino to the user’s needs.

The architect expresses the client through the project

Every client has different needs, different culture, different experiences, different styles of life, therefore the ability of the architect consists in understanding the client and directing him to create an ambient that should represent him.

Architecture reflects the psychology and the spirit

Architecture is made to live in, it is not made to be looked as a sculpture, it is made to walk and to live inside the building and the garden, that’s why it is essential to consider in the project the experience of the senses and the physical sensations. The “ Studio di Architettura Katy Cella” offers the services in Italian, French and Inglish; and if there is the necessità of a translator for other foreign languages such as Russian, it is possibile to organize to have a translator.

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