The architect Katy Cella continues her academic studies in Australia at Sydney University where there is a high specialisation on Project, Composition and Technology.

Since she was a joung girl she had a passion for plants, therefore she decides to study Architecture and also to attend some courses of landscaping to deepen her knowledge in garden and environement.

She works for a stage of internship in a building company Mc Namara in Sydney. She decides to move to Europe, in Italiy, her homeland,, to continue her work’s experience and to improuve her knowledge in Hystory of Architecture and Antique Technology of Constructions. Therefore she works in a well known architecture bureau in western Liguria. She decides to continue her studies of Architecture in Italy, therefore she enrolls in Politecnico di Torino, where she graduates in Architecture. She equalises her studies of Sydney University with the Italian Degree.

After a period of working as site manager, she decide sto opern her own architectural firm in Sanremo, where she is still working.


The architect Katy Cella has inside her team joung collaborators with new ideas, always ready for new working experience and innovations. Moreover within her collaborators there are experienced professional people always ready to resolve any unaspected working situation of any sort:bureaucratic or technical.